CyberRack Active Rear Door

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Optimum operating conditions via ac server rack

Efficient and targeted rack cooling

The CyberRack Active Rear Door is a heat exchanger door with EC fans for installing on the rear door of server racks. The server rack door is swapped for the CyberRack Active Rear Door, which transforms the rack into an ac server rack that no longer discharges any heat load in the data center.

Most important benefits

  • Suitable for any rack
  • The active heat exchanger doors can be used independently of existing precision air conditioning units, or can supplement them.
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to high rack inlet temperatures

Most important features

  • Less load on the room air conditioning, because the heat is discharged directly from the rack
  • Maintenance-friendly design

Most important technical data

  • Cooling capacity (kW): 19.1 – 32.7

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CyberRack Active Rear Door