CabinetAir PRT


Outdoor cabinet cooling for an energy-efficient and noise-optimized operation

The CabinetAir PRT with Direct Free Cooling ensures maximum energy efficiency for cooling your outdoor cabinet. It not only cuts operating costs to a minimum – in connection with 48 V DC it also ensures maximum reliability: if the main power supply fails, backup ventilation with Free Cooling keeps your electronics working without interruption. What’s more, the unit is designed to ensure that the air conditioning keeps all system equipment running quietly.

Most important benefits

  • Active air conditioning keeps the entire outdoor cabinet system running quietly
  • Huge energy savings with Direct Free Cooling
  • Plug & Play: Simple installation and removal
  • Units can be serviced and replaced by the operator's own personnel
    (no refrigeration engineers required)

Most important features

  • System equipment can run at 100 % capacity in all operating conditions (no fluctuations in the performance of IT components)
  • Outside temperature range from -20 to +60 °C

Most important technical data

Cooling capacity total (kW) 1 – 2