Optimize processes, save energy, ensure quality – with STULZ UltraSonic air humidifying systems

Ultrasonic humidifier: Economical and made-to-measure

For over 40 years, STULZ has been supplying its UltraSonic humidifier systems for made-to-measure humidification that ensures the best possible processes and high quality standards.

Most important benefits

  • Maximum energy savings: 93 % less electricity than electrode/resistance steam humidifiers
  • Well proven system – ultrasonic air humidifiers sold worldwide for over 40 years
  • Long service life (stainless steel or high-grade plastic)

Most important features

  • Additional adiabatic cooling effect
  • Approved for hygienic operation to VDI6022

Most important technical data

Humidifying power (kg/h):

  • ENS 1.2 – 18
  • BNB 1 – 8
  • SCA/FN 0.5 – 2

Custom Indoor AHUpdf

An efficient way to optimum air quality