CyberCool 1


Process cooling: The source of liquid-based closed-circuit cooling

Water Chiller Unit with Free Cooling for a minimal footprint

Our compact CyberCool 1 units have been optimized over many years for use in small and medium-sized data centers and in industrial and process engineering. Two different versions and a diverse range of possible options enable process cooling to be adapted to specific projects. Moreover, the water chiller units offer all the benefits of Free Cooling even with low cooling capacity.

Most important benefits

  • Maximum potential savings thanks to Free Cooling
  • Maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint
  • Commercial water chiller with long service life

Most important features

  • 3 sizes with 11 models
  • Low-noise version available

 Most important technical data

  • Cooling Capacity (kW) 36 – 235

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CyberCool 1