Explorer Line (air-cooled)


Air-cooled chiller system for mission critical applications

Reliable cooling for project-specific requirements

The STULZ Explorer Line is a series of air-cooled chiller systems that is suitable for numerous different uses. The units of this product series combine high-quality components with the ability to fulfill project-specific requirements. We offer a portfolio of state-of-the-art industrial water chillers that are kind to your budget and flexible enough to be adapted to all customer requirements.

Most important benefits

  • Microchannel condensers for improved heat transfer, less refrigerant, lighter weight and lower air-side pressure drops
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits ensure redundancy

Most important features

  • Easy transport via ISO container
  • The air-cooled chiller system available with Free Cooling and as a Low Noise version

Most important technical data

  • Cooling capacity (kW): 80 – 1,200


Custom Indoor AHUpdf

Explorer WPA mini