Custom Indoor AHU

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STULZ solutions for large and hyperscale data centers

New design concept for greater performance, energy efficiency and redundancy

Breaking new ground: When it comes to large and hyperscale data centers, conventional air conditioning systems are up against their limits. Restricted space, electricity consumption and high heat loads are some of the challenges that need to be overcome. STULZ offers solutions to these challenges and guarantees efficient, demand-based and reliable air conditioning of your mission-critical equipment.

Our air handling units unique design allows space for taller server racks with greater IT load densities, therefore enabling air conditioning of the maximum heat load.

Most important benefits

  • Reliable air conditioning of taller racks and higher heat loads
  • Large air throw for uniform cooling of large server rooms
  • Low pPUE values achievable

Most important features

  • Modular design ensures redundancy
  • Easy access for maintenance purposes

Most important technical data

  • CyberWall Cooling capacity (kW): 221
  • Custom Indoor AHU: Technical data on request

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Air Handling Units for indoor installation